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Our living room was filled with my dad's photography of the Grand Canyon and San Francisco, trips he and my mom took together long before I was born.  My dad owned a film camera, with all the interchangeable lenses, and was basically my personal photographer from a young age.  It's no wonder I was attracted to photography and have a love of travel.


I bought my first "big girl" DSLR in college, before taking a trip to St. Maarten.  From there, I taught myself Photoshop and then took a Digital Media Art course in college to reinforce what I had learned and better my skills.  During grad school for teaching, I took several photography classes, learning that there was an art to composition.

The way I got into photographing people was purely happenstance.  My friend's sister was an actress, in school at Boston University.  She needed head shots.  From there, I photographed a friend's bootcamp, a cookbook (available on Amazon ooo la la), and some more head shots.  I started networking in DC and got into photographing families, regularly.  Then, I asked a friend who was a wedding photographer if he ever needed help with weddings.


I never thought I would like photographing weddings, to be honest.  It's a high pressure environment where you're responsible for capturing the most important and memorable moments of someone's life!  Unexpectedly, I loved it.  As a teacher, I was used to working amongst chaos, managing multiple things at once and adjusting when things don't always go according to plan.  I got to bask in the love two people have for each other and there's nothing more rewarding than capturing those timeless moments.

By day, I teach children.  Photography is my second gig, where I can have a chance to create and interact with some adults!  Plus, due to it not being my sole source of income, I've the creative freedom to only take jobs that I connect with, with clients I love.  Let me help you capture your special day or the special people in your life.  Let's make a moment into a memory.

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